Despite COVID-19, the NEW King Street Island Grill Will Open

Island Grill is moving forward with the opening of its new down town restaurant.

With all the uncertainty looming in the air, Island Grill is making a BIG, BOLD, move. Announced today, Island Grill will open its doors to its brand new King Street location mid May. They will bring their Eat Good, Live Good to the heart of Downtown Kingston.

So why move forward with a grand opening during this time? And what does that look like? Well, we dug a little deeper to find out the strategy behind this bold move. Denise Dubuque-Lyn, Chief Operating Officer shared, “Opening was a tough decision for us. With the landscape of the QSR industry over the past two months, we found ourselves at a crossroad, do we press pause or do we push forward. And we decided to push forward. What we realized is that we were already invested. With the project almost at competition amidst the pandemic, it just made sense. Let’s continue our plan, open our doors, and do what we do best, offer the down town community a home cooked meal with authentic Jamaican tastes, quick and friendly service from a family of amazing people. And that is exactly what we intend do at this time.”

So what does a GRAND, not so grand, opening look like with social distancing? Well Island Grill still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Customers can expect to see giveaways, free drinks, donated meals to the local hospital and much more. Instead of one big grand opening, with only one day of excitement, customers will be able to experience little joys all throughout the summer at the King Street Island Grill restaurant. Stay tuned for all that is to come with this local Jamaican restaurant chain.

About Island Grill
Island Grill, a brand under Chicken Mistress Ltd. Management, is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise which operates 18 restaurants across Jamaica and 1 in Barbados, employing a team of over 850 members. Founded in 1991 by Thalia Lyn, Island Grill has transitioned into what we now know and love as one of the few authentic Jamaican quick service restaurants.

Island Grill aspires to be the restaurant chain most loved for providing unique Jamaican cuisine - to the world! Our passion is to take the amazing tastes and flavors from our Jamaican Caribbean homes and create new exciting dishes, and serve them with warm island hospitality. “A home cooked Jamaican meal for people on the go. The smart choice. Real food served with a smile.” We create value for all stakeholders by delighting our customers, each and every time, with excellent food and service, with ease, grace and joy; making it possible for all to Eat Good and Live Good.