Photo: Island Grill launches healthier options with Supaah Food Menu


Local quick-service restaurant chain Island Grill has introduced its ‘Supaah Food’ menu, comprising locally grown foods with good nutritional value, in a bid to encourage Jamaicans to eat local and healthier.

Island Grill CEO Thalia Lyn said the menu is in response to customers’ requests to have more locally grown, wholesome, healthy foods with ground provisions as part of their lunch offerings.

“Supaah Food is a natural extension to Island Grill’s philosophy of ‘eat good, live good’, which is an idea that has always dominated out kitchens as almost all our meals are prepared from scratch everyday, using fresh ingredients only,” Lyn said.


The Supaah Food menu contains a choice of callaloo or cabbage, which are rich in iron and fibre among other essential vitamins; breadfruit which contains potassium and omega 3 and 6; pumpkin that us full of beta carotene and Vitamin C along with green banana and corn, which are excellent sources of energy.

“We also ensured that Supaah Food menu is in keeping with recent healthy trends and so it is gluten free with the exception of the Supaah Food Yabba Veggie Stew which contains wheat. It also does not contain any monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial flavouring or preservatives,” Lyn said.

Health Minister Chris Tufton commended Island Grill for integrating more locally grown, healthy foods to their menu, including complex carbohydrates, which are important to human sustenance and the general health profile of people.

“We are seeing a genuine effort to prodive Jamaicans with additional, healthy options,” Tufton said, noting that proper nutrition will complement the government’s Jamaica Moves initiative.