Supaah Food Takes Over Island Grill


Pursuing its health-conscious mandate, quick-service chain Island Grill has upped the nutrition quotient with a revitalised menu that now offers more ground provisions and produce under an in-house Supaah Food banner.

Existing combos such as the Yabba and Satisfaction combo range will be infused with this fresh undertaking by the Thalia Lyn-founded establishment featuring a new seven-piece medley of breadfruit, sweet corn, green bananas, pumpkin and steamed vegetables of callaloo or cabbage, made available to diners as of yesterday.

At the Manor Park branch of the franchise, chair Howard Mitchell introduced the chain's new endeavour to a gathering of food and beverage industry types, farmers and the media.

“Consuming a Supaah Food meal is a conscious choice for a better you and a better Jamaica. In this time and age, no matter where you are in the world, citizens are more informed by the impact of the choices businesses make,” said Mitchell as he kick-started the menu launch yesterday.

The health minister Dr Christopher Tufton offered his own endorsement of Island Grill's 'good sustenance and healthy living' modifications with an address that underscored his approval and highlighted the “innovative entrepreneurship and a responsiveness” to Island Grill's customer base as well as the parallels to his “agenda to promote public health”.

This comes on the heels of Tufton's recent Jamaica Moves healthy lifestyle initiative, which has gained traction with Corporate Jamaica, and unsurpisingly the Real Jamaican Jerk eatery has signed on as a corporate challenge partner in this governmental response to reducing non-communicable diseases — think: diabetes, hypertension, and certain cancers — through the encouragement of increased physical activity and more thoughtful eating among the Rock's populace.

“Our lifelong motto 'Eat Good, Live Good' continues to manifest itself in colourful 'eat the rainbow' ways and today we're excited to share our new range of healthy Jamaican Supaah Food meals with you,” remarked Island Grill founder & CEO Lyn. “Every Supaah Food meal is made from scratch every day, fulfils 100% of your vitamin C needs and is full of fibre, magnesium and potassium.”