Despite COVID-19, the NEW King Street Island Grill Will Open

Island Grill is moving forward with the opening of its new down town restaurant.

With all the uncertainty looming in the air, Island Grill is making a BIG, BOLD, move. Announced today, Island Grill will open its doors to its brand new King Street location mid May. They will bring their Eat Good, Live Good to the heart of Downtown Kingston.

So why move forward with a grand opening during this time? And what does that look like? Well, we dug a little deeper to find out the strategy behind this bold move. Denise Dubuque-Lyn, Chief Operating Officer shared, “Opening was a tough decision for us. With the landscape of the QSR industry over the past two months, we found ourselves at a crossroad...

Island Grill's Supaah Food | Eating Healthy On The Go


As the healthy lifestyle train continues to pick up speed in Jamaica, the need for healthier meals on the go becomes even more urgent. Diet and nutrition experts like Frances Mahfood, nutritionist at the Heart Foundation of Jamaica, believe that Jamaicans have the unique advantage of access to wholesome unprocessed food like banana and breadfruit to serve this need. Last month , Island Grill became the first quick service restaurant chain to introduce the local foods as a menu option with its launch of Supaah Food.

Considered Jamaican super foods, unprocessed local foods such as banana, breadfruit, pumpkin and vegetables such as cabbage and callaloo provide a wide range of nutrients that is ...

Supaah Launch At Island Grill


Supaah Food, anyone? Well, Island Grill has you covered by satisfying your appetite one healthy and hearty bite at a time. The local food chain launched its Supaah Foods menu at their Manor Park location on Wednesday to the delight of sponsors and specially invited guests.

If you don't know what Supaah Food is, picture eating a natural rainbow green callaloo, orange pumpkin, blush-yellow breadfruit or sunshine-yellow corn - to be indulged with your choice of Island Grill's traditional jerked, barbecued, curried or fricassee chicken or veggie stew.

Greeted by beautiful produce on the outside of the restaurant, courtesy of the local farmers on board, guests received a warm welcome from staff be...

Supaah Food Takes Over Island Grill


Pursuing its health-conscious mandate, quick-service chain Island Grill has upped the nutrition quotient with a revitalised menu that now offers more ground provisions and produce under an in-house Supaah Food banner.

Existing combos such as the Yabba and Satisfaction combo range will be infused with this fresh undertaking by the Thalia Lyn-founded establishment featuring a new seven-piece medley of breadfruit, sweet corn, green bananas, pumpkin and steamed vegetables of callaloo or cabbage, made available to diners as of yesterday.

At the Manor Park branch of the franchise, chair Howard Mitchell introduced the chain's new endeavour to a gathering of food and beverage industry types, farmers ...

Island Grill Launches Supaah Foods


Widely perceived as the healthiest quick service restaurant (QSR) chain in Jamaica, Island Grill has taken their philosophy a step further, with the launch of their “Supaah Food” menu. The menu consists of locally grown foods that are considered super foods based on their nutritional value — in line with the country’s mandate to encourage Jamaicans to eat local and healthier.

Founder and CEO of Island Grill, Thalia Lyn said the new menu is a response to customers’ requests to have more locally grown, wholesome, healthy foods and ground provisions as part of their lunch offerings.

“Supaah Food is a natural extension to Island Grill’s philosophy of &ldq...

Photo: Island Grill launches healthier options with Supaah Food Menu


Local quick-service restaurant chain Island Grill has introduced its ‘Supaah Food’ menu, comprising locally grown foods with good nutritional value, in a bid to encourage Jamaicans to eat local and healthier.

Island Grill CEO Thalia Lyn said the menu is in response to customers’ requests to have more locally grown, wholesome, healthy foods with ground provisions as part of their lunch offerings.

“Supaah Food is a natural extension to Island Grill’s philosophy of ‘eat good, live good’, which is an idea that has always dominated out kitchens as almost all our meals are prepared from scratch everyday, using fresh ingredients only,” Lyn said.


The Su...

Island Grill Goes Green


The Island Grill chain of restaurants has gone green with its new biodegradable containers.

In an interview with founder and CEO Thalia Lyn, she explained to Food that Jamaicans have to start caring for our environment.

"The garbage dumped into gullies that wash into the sea, killing off the fish and other sea life, making our coastlines a virtual garbage dump - has got to stop! Island Grill has made a commitment to start with this first small step," she said.

Although costly, Lyn stated that this earth-friendly packaging is in line with the restaurant's tag line, 'Eat Good, Live Good', because there is no bleach and it is processed chlorine free, so better for you, especially when using the m...

Wisynco, Island Grill lend support to Carifta swimmers

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Carifta Swim team member Leanne McMaster in a picture perfect dive phase during her training session at the National Aquatics Centre on Monday.

Wisynco Group Limited through its brand Powerade and WATA, along with Island Grill presented the 30-member Carifta Games swimming delegation with branded bags that will assist them in carrying their luggage when they depart for Aruba on April 19.

The presentation was made at the National Aquatics Centre, Stadium pool on Monday.

Wisynco Group Limited and Island Grill now join title sponsors Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica and Milo, who have aided members of the national swim team with the much needed lift, leading up to the 29...